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Pioneer Dom completed its first year of operation

Pioneer Dom, Happy work anniversary!

Pioneer Dom completed its first year of operation on April 15, 2023. We want to share some of our golden lessons with the world.Live your purpose. Have a tangible ambition. strategies to reach from A to B. See the big picture. Networking is essential. Share knowledge, increase visibility, and receive mentorship and coaching. Focus on feasibility and progress.

Learning by doing Step by step. You can discover yourself by only digging deeper inside who you are. Never compromise with your core values. Build the partnership or collaboration. Take action every day. And most importantly, serve, serve, serve your target audience.

Believe in yourself. Yes, you can do it.

Life is so short. Make yourself better every moment. Make this world a better place every moment. It does not matter whether you are getting success or not; what matters is your intention.

Roxbourg Institute Rajiv Jeremiah Srivastava, Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for showing us the way. Thank you for your kind support.

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